About AOA​​
Professional Events
  • Annual Spin Presentation
  • Professional Pilot Seminar
  • Embraer Tours
  • Daytona Tower Tours
  • Campus Tours
  • High Altitude Simulator
Our Alumni can be found in many major airlines around the world. We promote leaders in aviation and strive to foster an environment of with values of professionalism, safety, and leadership. AOA is well-known in the aviation industry and the success of our current and past members exemplifies this by putting AOA members above the rest of their class. Join AOA today and connect with us to help promote your future in the avaiton indsutry.
Volunteering Events
  • Daytona 500
  • Road Cleanups
  • Animal Shelters
Experience aviation with us!
In the fall of 1998, Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach student David Emmanuel started a student organization to help identify and assist the top of the Aeronautical Science degree program. The organization would soon be known as Alpha Omicron Alpha Aeronautical Honor Society, and became an recognized student organization in the Spring semester of 1999.

The Honor Society was founded on the principal of instilling safety, excellence, and professionalism within our members in order to prepare them for the aviation career of their choice. Since the first day, the objective has been to assist our members and supply them with as many opportunities for advancement as possible. To this day, all of our members will lend a hand to anyone within the organization to help them progress their careers. Whether helping the member obtain an internship that one member held in the past, or simply providing contact information for a good connection, our members are always looking out for each other.

Since the foundation of the organization, AOA has held or participated in hundreds of events across the Daytona Beach area. These events range from campus seminars to working for the Daytona 500 in the CEO's tent. The organization spends a large amount of time participating in philanthropy events for the city of Daytona. Members actively help in cleaning up roads, volunteering for local businesses, and raising money for charitable events. We believe that we can better ourselves by helping out those around us.

Every year AOA has been host to many industry related events open to the campus. Seminars such as the "Spin Aerodynamics Presentation", "Professional Pilot Seminar", and "Industry Advisory Council" are events AOA still hosts to this day.

After all of the work is done, we like to have fun. AOA has held hundreds of events over the years for the campus to be involved in. Events such as "Pull a Plane" or the "Preflight Challenge" let students on campus test their aviation skills (or just their strength!). 

As AOA approaches its 20th anniversary, we strive to continue to help those around us whilst expanding our reach beyond our campus. Our members find it an honor to be part of the premier Aeronautical Science Honor Society in the worlds greatest aviation school, and you will too!
Social Events
  • Halloween Horror Nights
  • Paintball
  • Ice Skating
  • Busch Gardens